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Contemporary Vitae


Governor's 2020 Gold Award for Environmental Excellence

Enhanced Biosolids Reuse & Reduction Project; Harrisonburg-Rockingham Regional Sewer Authority - Owner's technical agent for project and codigestion specialist.

WEFTEC 2020 - Session Workshop "The Latest in Dewatering Modelling and Research" Session 3-518 Monday, October 5th, 4-5 pm

Presentation: A mechanistic approach for predicting sludge dewaterability for whole plant simulation. Tanush Wadhawan and Rob Mangrum

WEF 2020 Biosolids Conference

Paper: The effect of divalent cation complexation on anaerobically digested EBPR sludge dewatering performance.

​Water Environment Research Journal

Mangrum, C.R.L., Jenkins, D. (2020) The effect of divalent cation complexation on anaerobically digested EBPR sludge dewatering performance. Water Environ. Res. 92, 677.

WEF Forum 2019: James Barnard Research Conference on Emerging Themes in Biological Phosphorus Removal & Recovery, Austin TX.

Invited to participate by the conference steering committee.

2018 EPA PISCES Recognition Awarded to the HRRSA Enhanced Biogas Reuse & Recovery Project  for Performance and Innovation in the State Revolving Loan Fund Creating Environmental Success. Technical Advisor to project; Author of Facility Solids-Stream Master Plan.

WEF 2018 Biosolids Conference Phoenix, AZ 

Paper Presentation: Leveraging Codigestion for Municipal Biosolids Drying: Sustainable Goals - Proven Technology". (2018) Proc., Water Environ. Fed. Residuals and Biosolids Conf.

On-Going Enhanced Nutrient Removal Process Support & Optimization

ENR Facilities: 23.0 MGD, 6.0 MGD, 4.6 MGD, 2.9 MGD, 0.9 MGD, 0.8 MGD, 0.7 MGD, 0.25 MGD, 0.2 MGD


Trusted Technical Adviser, Consultant & Process Engineer for a broad range of activities for municipal water & wastewater treatment projects:

  • Wastewater plant optimization

    • Simplified process control​ regime

    • Consistent robust performance

    • Lowered operating costs

  • Upgrade and expansion studies and evaluations

  • Owner's technical agent for large design & construction projects

  • Single point design responsibility for smaller facility improvement projects

  • Routine and periodic operations support 

  • Cradle-to-grave project assistance


  • 2.6 MGD Surface Water WTP Membrane Upgrade & Expansion: PER & Design

  • Enhanced Nutrient Removal 0.2 MGD WWTP Upgrade Project: USDA SEARCH Grant & Construction Funding. PER, Design & CA

  • Enhanced Nutrient Removal 0.25 MGD PER - USDA SEARCH Grant

  • High-Solids Codigestion Project:  Generating & Beneficially Utilizing 5.0 MMBTU/hour of Biogas

  • 60 MGD Cloth Media Tertiary
    Filtration Project - 5 micron

  • Anaerobically Digested Sludge Dewaterability Improvement Demonstration Project - 2 POTWs

  •  ENR Process Support & Optimization Capacities of (MGD): 23, 6.0, 4.6, 2.9, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.25

  • Pretreatment Program Assistance, Development  and SIU Compliance Support (multiple clients)



Since 1995, Rob has provided similar services for both water and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the South East for plants ranging from 0.5 MGD to 100 MGD in capacity.


..."In response to helping the town locate a major water leak Rob provided service beyond any client expectations."

G. G. Belfield, Jr.

Town Manager, Town of Tappahannock

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